May 28, 2023

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Valur Icelandic Men’s Champion

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Valur Icelandic Champion 2020

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Valur Icelandic Champion 2020
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The board of Icelandic Football Association (KSI) announced today that the 2020 tournament has ended. This decision was made after more aggressive covid restrictions were announced and all sports cancelled until at least 17th November. In Men’s Pepsi Max League teams were still 4 rounds unplayed but Valur is declared champion but Valur had a comfortable 8 points lead in the League.

No cup final will be played so there is no Cup winner (Mjolkurbikarinn) this year. Instead of the Cup winner participating in Europe competition – the fourth place in the League will take the Cup winners place.

Valur, FH, Breidablik and Stjarnan will therefore play in the European competition next year.

Grotta and Fjolnir will be relegated to 1st division.

Teams advancing to the Pepsi Max league are Keflavik and Leiknir Reykjavik.

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