May 28, 2023

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Draw against Armenia

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The Men’s Icelandic National team made a 1-1 draw against Armenia on Friday night. Before the Iceland supporters were hoping for a comfortable win. Iceland started the game better and was likely to score and received a couple of good chances to score but did not manage to cross the goal line.

Kamo Hovhannisyan scored for Armenia in the 34th minute and after that Iceland was not playing as the team before the game. Arnór Þór Viðarsson made two changes before the 2nd half started. It paid off as Ísak Bergmann Jóhannesson scored for Iceland and equalized.

There was a record low attendance (for several years) at this game but only 2.000 people were in the stadium. The National Football Association (KSI) is asking for more support against the game vs Liechtenstein on Monday night.

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